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  1. Q
    Is Credit Repair Legal?
    Yes credit repair is legal. The Fair Credit Reporting Act which is a law passed by congress that gives us a write to have only accurate information reported in our credit profiles.
  2. Q
    How do I get a credit report?
    PrivacyGuard - Get instant 3-Bureau Reports, Scores and Monitoring. Get fast and secure access to your 3 bureau credit report, scores, credit simulator and credit monitoring.
  3. Q
    Can items be removed from my credit report?
    Yes they can be if they are negative and untrue. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives legal ground for removing negative items that are not reported accurately or if it is not your account.
  4. Q
    How long before I see results from credit repair?
    Generally you will see results in the first 45 to 60 days after you have enrolled in our credit repair program.
  5. Q
    What is the cost for credit repair?
    The cost is the low price of $69.99 per month. This encludes all of our services that you need to raise your credit score. A small price to pay to get your credit scores where you need them.
  6. Q
    Is there a contract for credit repair?
    Yes there is a contract that spells out all of our services. It is a 12 month contract however you can cancel at anytime.